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There are a lot of blogs floating around today that are dedicated to food in a health and fitness setting. That is not me. I am all for treating your body right, it’s the only one you have. I however, have never been one to understand extreme dieting and feel that life is not worth living if there isn’t a carbohydrate in it.  I approach this blog the way I approach life: with a hearty laugh and a heavy hand of cream.  That is not to say that every recipe I make will send you into cardiac arrest, but be mindful people, just because we are making cake doesn’t mean we eat the entire thing.  (Unless your boyfriend just left you, then eat it, bless your heart.)

I believe that food, real food, that is made with your hands has a connective pull on those around you.  When I set out to make dinner, I know that the friends and family at my table see my heart on the plate.   Great food is an equalizer, and everyone can find a commonality in a homemade meal.  I encourage all of you to follow some of the food philosophies that I try to live by.

Be mindful of where your ingredients came from, and try to always support your local community.  It’s good for the economy, and it’s good for you.  I buy organically and locally whenever  I can and encourage every friend of mine to do the same.

Always sit down and enjoy the meal you are eating.  We make dinner an occasion every night, even if we order in.  Take some time to disconnect from work and the world and connect with those around you.  You’ll grow closer to your loved ones and feel more relaxed.

Take some time to appreciate the fact that you have great food.  There are many who do not, whether they do not have access to organic and local food due to money or location.  At Amuse Bouche, we know how blessed we are to be able to afford the meals that we eat.

Allow yourself the carbs. Or the chocolate, or whatever it is that makes the world go round.  Don’t deprive yourself of anything. Life is simply too short.

Finally, and most importantly, allow yourself to make mistakes in the kitchen.  Remember that this is dinner, not delivering a baby.  Try not to take it too seriously!  I always say that if you can read, you can cook, and I hope the recipes you find here will help you gain some confidence in your kitchen.

And if at first you don’t succeed, order pizza…


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8 Responses to Philosophy

  1. I just stumbled across your blog a you are amazing! I love your outlook and your direct humor. I enjoy the sites that cater to the “healthier side” but I am in love with your realness! Awesome;)

  2. I found your blog while surfing for drink recipes this summer. I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed making and trying some of your (I know – technically your husband) drinks. The Cuban Firing Squad has been a big hit so far! And the others we’ve made will probably join our rotation soon.
    I have also very much enjoyed reading many of your past entries and following your journey.
    Don’t ever lose your great humor and love of life – it is what keeps me reading you.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this! I LOVE what you said about your heart being on the plate. That is absolutely the best way that I have ever heard that sentiment expressed. I’m loving these desserts you’ve posted. So glad I found you!

  4. Whit, A Daughter of my friend has just recently graduated culinary school. I will share your blog with her as she has much the same attitude you have with food and humor. This place is great and believe me I am taking “Mr. Man” to school on how to make a good steak, “Restaurant Style”. Thanks for the beautiful blog for me to perch on for a while and peruse all of these beautiful recipes.


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