Boss Babe’s Guide – Top Knot Tutorial

Because I know all you gals out there are trying aimlessly to figure out how to throw your hair on top of your head and not make it look like you’re homeless.

I always seem to look a little homeless.

And with the increasing popularity of man-buns, I know this might be valuable to you men out there, too. Just sayin’…

Simi and I have had so much fun filming these videos for you! We are about to film the next batch of Boss Babe’s Guide videos and we have an idea for a fun series: ask us ANYthing. Do you remember Episode 1, where Simi and I asked each other questions? Well this will be similar, but the questions will come from you! We will do one episode featuring questions just for Simi  and another episode will feature questions for me. So, email me at or comment below and we will get to all of them!

If you have any ideas on topics you want to see covered in their own full length videos, anything from food, exercise and pregnancy, to beauty, balance and sex, we will talk about it all. Seriously, you know me, I will talk about anything, and God knows I’ve got opinions. LOL!



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