Surprise! We’re pregnant!

Hey there!

Listen I am not sure if you heard the great news, but on instagram last weekend we announced some pretty amazing news…

prego 2We’re PREGNANT! I know. Crazy. 14 weeks and everything is good. Safe and sound. Healthy. (well, err. sort of, since I am slamming pasta in the above photo. )

I’ll be giving you more updates in the coming weeks (things are crazy right now, traveling for work and weddings and out of town guests, you know, the usual) but we wanted to share the great news with you all. Thank you all so so much for all of your support in the very twisty road we took to get here.

BUT, it’s BOSS BABE’S FRIYAY and Simi and I are talking about how we stay healthy and active during the week. Yes, we will totally cover pregnancy things in upcoming Boss Babe’s Guides.




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  1. Well where I live…the beach isn’t all that good even for swimming xD We go like once a year in the very midlde of summer and even then the water is like 45 degrees Fahrenheit and it is almost always windy. So no. The beach doesn’t work for me either. But that picture is amazing! Hope you are having fun! It looks lovely :)


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