Fig Carre

You may or may not have seen on my wife’s Facebook recently that she has decided that we need to get a dog.  The same girl who said she would never get a dog before having kids that can take care of it for her.  The same girl who absolutely WOULD NOT pick up the poo of a dog we were dog sitting because it was human sized.  The same girl who has never owned a dog and doesn’t understand that training them is a bit more complex than teaching Chloe to stand up for a treat.


Anyway, Whit has decided that we need one.  Mostly for fall fun day photos and to romp around in the leaves.  The main problem is that Whit and I, like I assume most couples, have a different idea of what type of dog to get.  Whit is 100% all in for a Cocker spaniel.  Now, its not that I am against the idea of a Cocker spaniel I just kind of want something a bit more substantial.  I am more of a Australian Shepard, Labrador, or German Shepard kind of guy.  What can I say, I want my dog to look like a dog, not Teddy Ruxpin.IMG_4747

Regardless of what we get I’m sure there will be dozens of posts about how cute it is, followed by how we never see the cats anymore, and finishing with Whit wanting to murder it because it is chewing up the reclaimed wood legs of all of our chairs.  This will in turn lead me to the bar.  Good thing I have the perfect fall concoction to calm my nerves.  The Fig Carre is a fall play on a Vieux Carre.  It is a bit more involved than most cocktails on the blog but you should definitely try it.


Fig Carre

By Brian, September 26, 2013

Fig Carre



Fig Bourbon: Combine chopped up figs with bourbon in a mason jar for 2-3 days to infuse the fig flavor on the bourbon. Fig Simple Syrup: Muddle 3-4 chopped figs in a sauce pan.  Add equal parts water and sugar (we did 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup sugar).  Stir all ingredients over heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.  Strain the fig out into a separate dish and let cool before using. Combine the bourbon, simple syrup, cognac, and benedictine in a shaker with ice.  Shake and strain into a glass with ice.  Add and stir in the bitters.  Garnish with a fig slice.



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