Penicillin (the cure for summer)

For those of you who didn’t notice in Whit’s post yesterday, summer is over and we are kinda happy about it.  Fall is a pretty fantastic time of year (cue up the whole college football is the greatest thing ever again).  But seriously, fall is great.  And let me tell you how excited I am for my first fall back in C-bus.  Now, fall in Denver was fine but really all you wanted was for it be winter so you could go skiing.  This led to not really appreciating all that fall has to offer.  It also doesn’t help that Colorado only has carnivorous trees (yes I know it’s coniferous, but I prefer my way) which don’t have leafs that change color and eat small animals.


Fall in Columbus is pretty epic for a number of reasons.  The first is obvious, in that, Ohio is like the freaking rain forest of North America and we have all of the trees to make the pretty colors (thank you Bexley Arboretum!)  Second, we have some pretty epic pumpkin patches and apple orchards.  Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of posts over the coming weeks about these two things.  And finally, it is time to put away those lite pilsner and wheat beers in favor of some pumpkin ales and whiskey (Ohio has some good ones of both).


Today I did not make a drink with a harvest beer or Ohio whiskey but I did use the next best thing…Scotch.  What better way to kick off the cooler months with the most warming liquor around.  I say, God bless the fall and God bless scotch. And yes, Whitney is geeking out because there are now 3 ways in which you can use her ginger beer ice cubes up on the blog.



By Brian, September 5, 2013




Combine the scotch, lemon juice, and agave with a ginger beer ice cube.  Stir to mix and cool.  Garnish with a lemon wheel.



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