DIY Chevron Table

Been awhile since we had a How-Toosday, huh?

OK, I got you.  If you follow our instagram, you may have seen this little gem awhile back when we were living with my parents prior to moving into the house.  Can we side track really quickly for a national poll?

It’s about parents so it’s not exactly left field.

When did you realize that your mom was your best friend? Did it happen when you went away to college? Did it happen after you realized what being a parent meant? Did it happen when she gave you the juicy details of the first time she met your dad?

My coming of age mother becomes my best friend tale started with mother-daughter boot camp.  You have never bonded until you’ve run until you nearly barf only to leave the workout and stop at McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich on the way home.  That is when I knew my mom was awesome.

Here’s the other sweet thing about my mom.  She does NOT drink my koolaid.  As in, 98% of the time, my home decor ideas make her want to burn my house down.  Every single thought I have for decorating, she “doesn’t get.”

If I had a dollar for every time my mom said “Well honey, I don’t get it, but every time you finish something it looks good – so go ahead.”  or “That’s not what I would do, but you can do it.” I’d have enough money to do all of my DIY projects.

This chevron table is one of those things.  Don’t get me wrong, she likes the idea of chevron, she just doesn’t get the whole gold thing. See – this table is just 1 small component of my monochromatic backyard plan.  A totally gold backyard.  All my chairs, tables, etc.  All of them, gold.  I just think there is something hilarious about having such a formal look outside. Plus, all of our outside stuff is hand-me-down so I have nothing to lose by painting it.


Therein lies the misunderstanding.  My mom doesn’t make design choices out of humor, and I do.  She also doesn’t like my idea for bathroom art that says “Shit or get off the pot.” but I suppose that’s not a surprise.

Anyway, chevron table. Here’s how I did it.

1) Sand table.  I did a rough sand, nothing to serious.

2) Spray paint entire table white.  You could prime this if you weren’t as lazy as I am. Just a suggestion.   (2 coats minimum for the white if you don’t prime.)


3) Make your chevron template.  I took a grocery store bag, and cut it open to make 1 large rectangle.  I knew I wanted my chevron stripes to be 2 inches thick, and about 6 inches in height so I laid the open bag straight on the table.  I drew the top and bottom of the template 6 inches apart in a straight horizontal line.  Then I made vertical lines splitting the table in quarters.  From there, I drew the diagonal lines to connect the bottom of 1 quarter mark to the top of the next quarter mark.  Is this making no sense? Guys, it’s just zigzags.  Anyway, I used 2 inch tape and the part that I taped was kept white, and I spray painted everything else gold.  I then removed the paint and did a large celebration dance in my parent’s front yard.


4) Poly.  If this thing is living outside, you gotta seal it. I let the paint cure for 2 days and then I polyed the pants off it.


Now it lives in my gold backyard, which I am not done golding quite yet, but when I am, I’ll reveal her in all her fancy glory.

Happy chevroning and sorry that I am special needs about DIY crafts.  I tend to just black out when I craft and then  I can’t really tell you what I did – only that it was awesome.



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  1. Your relationship with your mom sounds so cute :) I’ve been on and off “bff” with my mom since I finished high school, but since then I realized how different we are and she is a much better “mom” than best friend lol

    This table is fantastic! I would totally put it in my future dining room. I definitely have a sense of humor when decorating as well, the sillier the better :)



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