Moscow Mule

Whoa! He’s back.

Yes, I know I am a huge jerk and that it has been 2+ months since my last post.  I’m sure you are all just dying of thirst.  My sincere apologies but I hope to remedy that today.


As you have heard from Whit, our lives have been stuffed to the brim and we have let all things blog slip a little bit.  There just hasn’t been enough time to juggle all that life has to offer.  Recently I have noticed that I am trending much more towards a beer than a cocktail when I need to get my fix.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love beer.  I love it.  But not as much as I love whiskey.

I kept thinking the reason I was leaning more towards beer was because it is the summer and its hot, etc.  But now I’m realizing it was pretty much out of laziness.  With everything that is going on it was just easier to grab a beer than muddle fruit, shake with ice, garnish with citrus and light that shit on fire.  After coming to this realization its making me want to get back to my cocktillian ways (yes, cocktillian).  So I decided to start with something simple.  Something that is still appropriate for summer.  Also, something that looks damn good.  That’s right I finally ponied up, got some copper mugs, and made Moscow Mules.


I think I had my first Mule when we were in Denver and I was sold the minute I saw the copper mug.  You can call me a sucker all you want but I think its cool.  Now, the Moscow Mule gets its name because its made with vodka aka Russian aka Moscow.  At least that’s the connection I made so I’m sticking with it.  No clue about the mule part but I’m going to assume it has something to do with ginger beer or lime because those are the other two ingredients.  All in all the Moscow Mule is a seriously refreshing and sometimes spicy cocktail that both looks good and tastes even better.  And its super simple to make.  Welcome back and I hope you enjoy.


Moscow Mule

By Brian, August 15, 2013

Moscow Mule



Combine the vodka and fresh lime juice in a shaker with ice.  Shake and strain into a copper mug with ice.  Top off with the ginger beer.  Enjoy!



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3 Responses to Moscow Mule

  1. Just discovered these in Charleston this summer and am hooked, like you, they had me a copper mug- trouble I have is finding good ginger beer. Any brand suggestions?

    • I used Gosling’s ginger beer. The flavor was very nice and had a small spice to it. If you hold off though, we are planning on making a homemade ginger beer soon so we should have a recipe for you.


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