Spicy Feta

Last night, I had my first “My child has a fever, should I take it to the hospital?” moment.

Clearly, my child is a 20 pound cat. Chloe likes to eat, she is her mother’s kitten. I don’t know what she ate to make her sick, but I can tell you one thing, it sure wasn’t her 20 dollar blue buffalo weight control cat food that she’s supposed to eat.


I really don’t know what she got into, but she got rid of it about 8 times on my rugs. Barf on my rug once shame on you. Barf on my rug 8 times, send me to a shrink. Because I was straight BESIDE of myself last night.

I made Brian CARRY her to the 3rd story of our house in the CHAIR she was sitting in so he wouldn’t move her.  He carried the chair with her in it. I worried and fretted between the fact that I knew she didn’t want to be moved or touched and the other fact that if she died in the night while I wasn’t holding her I’d never  get over it. I may or may not have cried myself to sleep.  (Overreact much?)



Clearly, it was just a little barf and no one is dead, but I laughed at how frightening it must be for human parents. (Well, parents of humans, rather.) I can’t tell you the relief that washed over me when I felt her nudge me this morning and heard her purring. All was right with the world.  The laundry piled up in the corner, the half finished projects everywhere, the boxes that still seem to linger in our guest bedroom, none of that seemed to matter when I thought about how lonely our home would feel without our pudgy purr machine.


Now that I know she’s okay, I can quit my hunger strike and eat this spicy feta.  Hey, maybe it was the chili she got into?!?

Spicy Feta

By Whitney, July 15, 2013

Spicy Feta



Combine the lemon zest, oil, salt and pepper, chilis and herbs in a bowl and mix well. Pour over a block of feta cheese.  It's good with warm carbs.



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