Auld Alliance

At this time tomorrow Whitney and I will be home owners folks.  We will officially be part of the big kids crew.  It’s a pretty exciting time.  We will have more space, won’t have to live in our parent’s basement, and we will have a kick ass patio.  All around pretty good, except for that one little thing called cutting a check for your down payment.  Holy Freaking Anxiety.  I mean I am Jewish, so writing a check that big might give me a few heart palpitations.


What is better for heart palpitations and anxiety than scotch?  Nothing.  That is what.  So I have been drinking my fair share of it this week (who am I kidding, all weeks).  But recently I thought I might try something else with my scotch and stumbled upon a recipe on Food and Wine that sounded very tasty but wouldn’t force me to give up my scotch.  This cocktail has a lot of components but is actually fairly simple to make.  Basically combine with ice and stir.  The Chartreuse gives a nice anise flavor, the scotch provides some smokiness, and the benedictine gives you a sweet floral note.  You guys should try this one as an after dinner cocktail or whenever the hell you want to calm your anxiety.


Auld Alliance

By Brian, May 30, 2013

Auld Alliance



Combine all ingredients with ice and stir until well mixed. Strain into a coupe and garnish with a bit of additional lemon thyme.




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