Tom Collins

Have any of you ever had the experience where you tasted something as a kid, decided you didn’t like it, and then didn’t try it again for like 15 years only to find out that when you do try it again it’s actually pretty good? You know what I’m talking about. Like how Dijon mustard was freaking gross as a kid but now a sandwich is pretty much useless without it. I also couldn’t stand the texture of beans for the better part of my life but now my Chipotle burrito bowl is just not the same without some black beans in there.


Well friends, this taste epiphany has hit me again recently. For the longest time I could not stand carbonated water. I thought it was terrible and did not quench your thirst at all. I would have preferred to go thirsty than drink carbonated water. And there were occasions where I did. However, towards the end of our time in Denver, some friends of ours had Whit and I over for dinner and offered us some water. Little did I know that meant san pellegrino. I, being the perfect guest that I am, accepted what I thought was going to be a bland assault on my mouth but was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it. And, best of all, it made me feel all grown up inside. Sometimes its fun to act like an adult. (Thanks Ely and Jon! We miss you.  I drink San Pelly everyday to be near you.)


Naturally since it is a Thursday this all had to come back to a drink. While this drink does include sparkling water the other components add enough flavor that even if you don’t like san pellegrino normally you should be fine. I decided to make a Tom Collins because I had heard of them but never had one. It was a little tart for my taste testers (Whit and her parents) but I really liked it and thought it tasted just like lemonade. After trying one I would probably add a bit of lime with the lemon or try substituting lemon entirely but I suggest you play around a bit to see what you like best.


Tom Collins

By Brian, May 23, 2013

Tom Collins



Combine the gin, lemon juice, and agave in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass over ice. Add a splash with the san pellegrino to taste. Stir and serve.



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