Jalapeno Mint Julep

Let’s talk about the Kentucky Derby.  Or better yet horse racing in general.  I know I’m a week late but I didn’t actually make this years julep until Derby Day so you’re going to have to deal with it.  Anyway, horse racing is right up there in my book as one of the best spectator sports.  Let’s consider what a day at the track entails.  Beautiful scenery.  Check!  Gambling.  Check! A ridiculous hat for the ladies. Whitney Check!  Some garment made from seersucker. Double Check!  And Bourbon.  Kentucky Check!  Pretty good right.  I mean what days other than the derby and new years can you dress to the nines and get totally rocket sauced?  Also, the derby revolves around day drinking which is kind of the best.


This is all well and good until mother nature has to be a bitch and ruin everyone’s day by making it pour rain on the derby.  I mean I understand that the people at home are not getting the full horse racing experience because they don’t want to dress up, can’t really gamble, and the “beautiful scenery” is their wife painting her toenails (poorly I might add). (It is very hard to get all the way down there, asshat.  You try to paint your own toes and see what happens.) But the least mother nature could do is let us watch people on TV totally getting into the spirit of the derby and possibly make fools of themselves.  Let’s be honest though, the rain at the derby didn’t stop me from watching or drinking a julep, all I’m saying is that it would have been more entertaining for everyone there and the viewers at home if mother nature wasn’t so shitty.


That being said.  This year for the derby I wanted to spice things up a bit with my julep (literally).  I decided to add a bit of muddled jalapeno (pronounced “juh-la-pa-no”) to my beverage.  Whitney, the brilliant woman that she is, suggested to me that we add a bit of cucumber to cool the heat from the jalapeno, which actually worked extremely well.  So in a little over a week when the Preakness is run you should give the jalapeno julep a try.


Jalapeno Mint Julep

By Brian, May 9, 2013

Jalapeno Mint Julep



Clean the jalapeno and remove all seeds.  Slice one round from the jalapeno and two rounds from the cucumber.  Muddle the jalapeno and cucumber rounds with the mint and agave in a shaker.  Shake with the bourbon and ice.  Strain out the large chunks of jalapeno, cucumber, and mint.  Pour the ingredients into a glass with ice and sprinkle the top with the powdered sugar.  Stir to mix all of the ingredients and garnish with jalapeno, cucumber, and mint.



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