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I like to think that I am a classy gent.  I don’t know about you but I gotta say that I enjoy a nice glass of scotch, a smoke on my mahogany pipe (don’t know what kind of wood it is but that sounds classy), and leather bound books.  Hell, I even participate in Fancy Thursday (4 years strong).  But every now and then I feel like the drunk or slight buzzed Brian has to take myself down a peg or two and get all un classy or better yet clazzzzy.


Take for instance this past weekend.  Whit and I had the joy of spending the weekend with two of our best friends at Whiskey School (don’t worry, I am going to have a plenty to say about that soon).  Now, as you can imagine whiskey school involved drinking a bit of whiskey.  And when I say a bit I mean a whole heck of a lot.  After a long day of drinking whiskey you may find that your hearing and/or reasoning may become a little fuzzy.  That is exactly what happened to me.  At the end of the night and quite a few cocktails, one of the employees at whiskey school asked the group if we all wanted to grab a night cap at their favorite watering hole.  However, he did this in a way where he was shielding his mouth when he said the name of said bar.  I came to realize after a round of laughter from my wife that he asked us if we wanted to go to SNEAKY Pete’s, however when asked, I responded “We would love to go to STINKY Pete’s”.  The Clazzziest.  Needless to say, the entire group had a good laugh at my expense and we called the bar Stinky Pete’s for the rest of the night.


After my run in with Stinky Pete, I felt the need to redeem myself a bit and bring back some of my fanciness.  Therefore I decided to craft up a cocktail using prosecco because nothing says classy like a sparkling beverage.  This particular beverage I had for the first time at a champagne bar and loved it.  I tweaked it a bit by using different bitters and prosecco instead of champagne but its basically the same thing.  I hope you enjoy it you clazzzy readers!


The Prosecco Cocktail

By Brian, April 25, 2013

The Prosecco Cocktail



Place the sugar cube in a coupe or champagne flute.  Add the bitters on to the sugar cube.  Top off your glass with the prosecco.  Enjoy!



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