Fennel Gin ‘n Juice

Well, we are finally getting settled in.  It has been pouring rain here in Columbus (as expected) but its also getting to be very green (which is also expected).  C-bus really has been great so far but we are most excited about trying to find our house.  We have started looking and feel like such big kids, but let me tell you, and this may be the jew in me talking, but the thought of buying your first house and getting into a mortgage is freaking terrifying.


First off you have to take every single piece of personal information you have to a loan officer and just pray that you don’t get mugged on the way and have your identity stolen.  Then you have to come up with your down payment, which is more money than you have ever had in your bank account, which you are then going to just sign away.  Cutting that check might literally give me a heart attack.  And then finally, when you get your house you have to furnish it.  I don’t know if you know my wife (if you are here I assume you know her well) but she doesn’t have what I would call “cheap” taste so this might get ugly.


Luckily we are not there yet, but I can only imagine how I will feel when we do get there.  And I imagine I will need a STRONG beverage.  The kind of beverage that calms my nerves as well as makes me feel like a boss.  I’m thinking that kind of beverage would have to be a twist on a gin and juice.  A fennel Gin ‘n Juice.

Fennel Gin 'n Juice

By Brian, April 18, 2013

Fennel Gin 'n Juice



Combine gin, vermouth, fennel, and orange in a cocktail shaker and muddle.  Add the lemon juice and simple syrup.  Shake with ice.  Strain into a clean glass and garnish with fennel fronds, orange, and lemon peel.



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