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I’m a nest person.  It dawned on me that after the move I never shared our last nest fully with you all.  Today we’ll take a house tour of our beloved Denver Urban Nest – as well as point you to all the tutorials we have on DIY projects from our old place.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since we moved, but in reality, this was taken months ago before we started packing.  My home hadn’t looked this way for a long time.  It certainly makes me excited for the next chapter and the next house that we will decorate even more because it will really be ours, not just borrowed for awhile.


IMG_3550As you walk in the front door.


The kitchen, to your left.

IMG_3554The Bar, to your right.

IMG_3558The Dining Room, just past the kitchen.  Old Door to Decor tutorial.

IMG_3559The Dining Room and Kitchen, from the living room.  Wall Flowers tutorial. Edison the light fixture. Old Dining Room Chair Facelift.

IMG_3567The living room, Last Name Wall Art Tutorial and Cornice Board Tutorial.

IMG_3564Because that’s cute.  DIY Rope Lamp.

IMG_3545Master Bedroom, nothing special here.


Second Bedroom, How to hang a wall collage tutorial.

IMG_3573Second Bedroom, Turn Wine and Booze Bottles into decor tutorial.

IMG_3576That’s it.  The bathrooms are pretty standard so I didn’t take pictures of those.

Thanks for taking a quick trip down memory lane with us.  I hope the tutorials inspire you to make your house your home!




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