Brian’s Hard Lemonade

Holy crap it has been a crazy few weeks.  Whit and I both finished work, Whit threw an event, we moved cross country, and I just started a new job.  Things are a’crazy.  But its all good because its spring time and that means soon it will be summer.  The time of sunshine, outdoor activities, and refreshing cocktails.


I don’t know about you but one of my favorite summer activities is playing a game of corn-hole (some of you weirdos know it as “bags”) while sipping on a refreshing beverage.  Whit doesn’t always like to play corn-hole but she sure does like to hassle me while I am playing.  One time we were down in Kentucky visiting Whit’s sister and I was playing corn-hole with the boys when one of the other women noticed that my neck was getting a bit red from the sun.  She decided to tell Whit who promptly stormed outside and yelled “Brian, get in here right now and put some sunscreen on your neck!”  Luckily I was only with 4-5 guys so their laughter didn’t drown out Whit’s voice completely.  Needless to say I keep the sunscreen on now just to avoid the inevitable embarrassment that Whitney is sure to dish out. (Whatever you’re welcome bro.)

Regardless of what your favorite summer activity is or how your spouse tries to embarrass you, it is always made better with a refreshing and tasty beverage.  This particular one tastes basically like a hard lemonade and is perfect for a hot spring/summer day.  Hope you enjoy.


Brian's Hard Lemonade

By Brian, April 11, 2013

Brian's Hard Lemonade



Microwave the honey so it's warm and will dissolve well.  Fill a shaker with ice and shake the gin, lemon juice and warm honey until cool.  Strain into a clean glass, garnish with grapefruit peel.



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