Mystic Mountain Blackberry

As I’m sure you saw in last Friday’s post Whit and I are moving to our hometown of Columbus, OH.  This is both a sad an exciting time in our lives so today I want to talk a bit about the things I am excited about and the things I will miss.


Let’s start with the good things about Columbus:

  1. Closer to family.  Nothing really bad about this.  We don’t have to spend time/money on coming home for the holidays so now we can go visit our friends instead.  I’m looking at you Cali friends.
  2. Foliage.  Holy Crap did I get really excited the other day when I realized we were moving back to a place that actually has green and trees.  Colorado is beautiful because of the mountains but it is straight up brown.  No green anywhere.
  3. Skyline Chili.  This is worth the move on its own.  God bless Skyline.  If you don’t know about it you should look it up.


And the things I will miss about Colorado:

  1. Colorado has this thing called mountains.  They are pretty.  Ohio, not so mountainous.  People keep asking me if there is skiing in Ohio and I just laugh and tell them that we have lovely mole hills that we call “mountains”.
  2. Craft Beer.  I know that Ohio has a budding craft beer scene but I don’t think it is as established or as ingrained in the culture as it is in Colorado.
  3. The weather.  Colorado is sunny 300 days a year and is never humid.  Ohio is cloudy 300 days a year and is super humid.  My hair is not excited.


Even though it is sad to leave such a wonderful place I do have to say that I am very excited to get back to the midwest.  I thought as a sort of sendoff it would be good to do one last drink that tastes like a mountain before we move.  Aka a gin cocktail.  This one is particularly special because it has an epic name that was inspired by the greatest race car driver ever, Ricky Bobby.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, the Mystic Mountain Blackberry.  It’s delicious and it cools you down on a hot summers day.  Amen! (One guess who named this drink…)

Mystic Mountain Blackberry

By Brian, March 28, 2013

Mystic Mountain Blackberry



Muddle blackberries in the bottom of a shaker.  Combine all ingredients with the smashed blackberries and shake with ice.  Strain into a a clean glass.



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