Madras Curry Poutine

Because why the hell not?

I mean I made that curry, and went through all of that trouble, I figured I ay as well slap this business on some fries and call it poutine time.

Oh, you aren’t familiar with poutine?  Well it’s just french fries with gravy and usually cheese curds all over it.  Those Canadians really like to guild their lilies.

It’s probably why I like them so much.  I am not going to lie to you, this whole pack up your life, sedate your cats, move across the country, buy your first house, simultaneously throw a 25th anniversary event, write a book and create a website for your day job, oh and maybe find a new day job thing has really got me behaving questionably.


The whole moderation thing with wine has gone out the window (whatever shred of that I had before.) And last night I made dinner, took one bite and threw it away.  It wasn’t even bad I was just pissed that it wasn’t mac and cheese.

So now that I’ve figured out just exactly how much is too much in my life, I’ve regressed a little in the maturity category and am dealing with it the only way I can. Insolently.

And I welcome you to also make weird life choices along with me to make me feel better.  I recommend you start by adding curry to your french fries.




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