Pink Vail Ale Beer-rita

As I’m sure you saw yesterday, Whit and I had the pleasure recently of tasting a few beers at the Crazy Mountain Brewery near Vail.  Let me first start off by saying that their beers are great and you should absolutely check them out if you are near Vail or see it in stores.  Anyway, neither Whit nor I knew about Crazy Mountain Brewery until Marisa reached out to us after I posted my Tripple Rye Shandy.  She told us about her brewery and invited us to come taste some beer.  Being suckers for anything that contains alcohol and paired with the fact that we were already going to take my parents to see Vail we decided to take Marisa up on her offer and check it out.  Chalk one up to the good life choices god.

First off, I love good glassware.  We have more glasses at home than Heinz has varieties.  That being said, Crazy Mountain Brewery has one of the coolest looking growlers I have ever seen.  Even without tasting a drop of beer I told Whit that we were not leaving without a growler.  Secondly, their tasting room was so relaxed and comfortable.  There were families with babies and dogs hanging out.  People working on their laptops while they enjoyed a beer.  And a family of Gomers (that would be my family) who were just soaking it all in.  Finally the beer.  We tasted 10 different brews and they were all delicious and unique.  The coffee stout that Whit cooked with in yesterdays post had a strong coffee flavor but wasn’t too heavy.  The IPA, which is typically not my favorite, as not too hoppy but still had great body.  And the Pink Vail Fruit Ale was something totally unique and was perfect for the warmer weather we had that day.

After tasting all of the beers that CMB had to offer I decided I wanted to take a stab at making a cocktail with the Pink Vail Fruit Ale.  This beer was inspired by Pink Vail which is a day of skiing dedicated to cancer survivors.  This beer had notes of raspberry and pomegranate but wasn’t too sweet either.  I decided to do a play on a beer’rita and pair it with gin.  I hope you enjoy and also check out Crazy Mountain Brewery.

Pink Vail Ale Beer-rita

By Brian, March 21, 2013

Pink Vail Ale Beer-rita



Combine the gin, lime juice, OJ, leopolds, agave, ginger and bitters in a shaker with ice.  Shake and strain into a tall glass.  Top off with the Pink Vail Fruit Ale.



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