Cuban Firing Squad

In a similar vain to my post from last week, I have decided to feature a cocktail this week that includes Ginger Beer.  I know, I know, ginger beer isn’t actually beer because its missing that sweet ingredient know as booze but it still has beer in the name so just roll with it.  Anywho, I decided I wanted to make a play on a drink I recently had while at the Bitter Bar in Boulder (p.s. If you are ever in Boulder, CO you MUST go to the Bitter Bar).  The drink was called a Mexican Firing Squad.  I typically am not a tequila drinker when I go out to a bar unless its a marg and I actually really don’t like the taste of Ginger so when I saw this beverage on the menu I immediately moved on to the whiskey section.

Whitney, on the other hand, was being all “responsible” and wasn’t drinking so she could drive us home safely.  Therefore, she asked our bartender for his best non-alcoholic cocktail (I know, I thought NA cocktails were a myth too).  (It’s a mocktail, you turd.) He brought her back the bars version of a virgin Mexican firing squad and it was super tasty.  Whit promptly decided to name the drink a Mexican Stand-off instead due to its lack of tequila.  After trying her version, I thought that the alcoholic version had to be at least as good and that I should give it a shot.  It was definitely the right call.  The drink was fizzy and refreshing but didn’t have too strong of a ginger flavor.


After getting home, safely (thanks baaaaaabe!), I decided that I would try my hand at my own version of a Mexican Firing Squad, however I decided to use rum instead of tequila.  Hence, the Cuban Firing Squad.  You guys should give this one a shot but I recommend trying a few different ginger beers first to find one that you like.


Cuban Firing Squad

By Brian, March 7, 2013

Cuban Firing Squad



Combine the rum, lime juice, and bitters in a shaker with ice.  Shake and strain into a glass with ice.  Add the grenadine and then top off with the ginger beer.  Gently stir to mix all of the flavors.


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