Cookies and Creme Krispie Treats

Hey there fat kid.  What’s new?

You don’t like it when I call you fat kid? My bad, I thought we were in the club together.  You know, our band of wine drinkin’ carb eatin’ sisterhood.

The safe place where we use butter as a hand moisturizer, and secretly wonder what would happen to our faces if we put it on there.


SEE, I knew you were a fat kid!

Initiation into the club is eating a full pan of these. Ready, GO!


Cookies and Creme Krispie Treats

By Whitney, February 26, 2013

Cookies and Creme Krispie Treats



Melt the butter and marshmallow fluff until all incorporated.  Toss in crushed oreos and rice krispies until well mixed.  Press down into a greased casserole dish and let firm, 30 minutes. Cut into squares and dip into melted white chocolate.  Dip the chocolate side into the finely ground oreos. Harden in fridge on parchment paper.



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