Blood Orange Old Fashioned

You remember that one time where I said I would do basically anything to be a vampire.  I feel like I need to elaborate on that and get you all on my side. (Ohhh lordy, here we go kids.)  First off I should say that to get into my inner circle you will be asked one question “If given the opportunity, would you turn into a vampire?”  Anyone that says yes is automatically in.  If you say no but have some valid reason (not that one actually exists) then I might still let you in.  But if you scoff off the question and say that is stupid, well you just got yourself a one way ticket out of the Bouchery.

Before I get a bunch of scathing or “rational” emails about how being a vampire would be bad or that the question is stupid because vampires don’t exist, lets look at the facts.

  1. Vampires are badass.  Super speed, strength, and senses.  Can’t see anything wrong with that.
  2. Vampires are typically very good looking.  Have you seen Kate Beckinsale in Underworld? (point well made, sir.)
  3. Vampires are totes loaded.  They live forever and don’t really buy food (which in my home would save a TON of money) so they can amass a fortune.


Yes, I understand that vampires can’t go out in the day (Twilight is some bull) but in all honesty, who needs the sun?  If you are a vamp with heightened senses you can see perfectly in the dark so NBD.  That being said, Whit has made me promise that if I somehow am able to become a vampire I am not allowed to turn her.  She would rather die than not be able to eat butter.  Her loss. (clearly, I have my priorities straight.)


Even though my dreams of being a vampire are probably never going to come true I can still have a drink that kinda makes me feel like I am (trust me it only looks like its bloody).  You didn’t actually think the only drink I made with blood oranges was a gin cocktail.  No way.  I definitely made one with whiskey.  This one is basically a slightly modified Old Fashioned, but using blood oranges and blood orange bitters instead of oranges or angostura bitters.  I hope all of you closet wannabe vampires enjoy.

Blood Orange Old Fashioned

By Brian, January 31, 2013

Blood Orange Old Fashioned



Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice.  Shake and strain into a glass.  Garnish with a blood orange peel.



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