Blood Orange Gin-Hattan

Let’s talk blood oranges.  Blood oranges are a staple of the Bouche household.  First of all they are Whit’s favorite fruit of all time.  If you ask her I’m sure she will tell you a story about some Italian gypsy who sold her a magical blood orange, or something like that.  I, on the other hand, am a big fan of blood oranges because of the color.  Besides the fact that they are a beautiful red color on the inside, you look like a badass vampire when you take a bite and the juice runs down your chin (Have I told you that I would do virtually anything to be a vampire?  Because I totes would.) (It’s totally true.  Brian’s test which allows you to get in the inner circle is seriously “So dude, if you had the chance to be a vampire, like for real, would you do it?” Most people are frightened or think he’s kidding, but those who recognize he is dead serious are welcomed with open arms into his creepy ‘this guy gets me’ club. I don’t pretend to understand.  Brian promises he won’t turn me if he becomes one, since I am a morning person and it would wreck my life.)


Anywho, around this time of year when blood oranges come into season Whit has a minor freak out in the grocery store the first time she sees them.  And at that point the only logical thing to do is buy a dozen.  When we got them home Whit immediately tore into one and made the same face as someone who had their first drink of water in days.  I, however, would not make such a face unless the blood orange juice were first mixed into a delicious cocktail.  “Citrus juice on its own?  Pfft.  I have standards.  It must be mixed with booze first.”  The options available were pretty limitless seeing the number of cocktails I have made using orange juice but I wanted to try something different.  I wanted this cocktail to not only taste like a blood orange but to look like a blood orange.  So I made sure to use grenadine and Peychaud’s bitters (both red in case you were wondering).  The outcome was a huge success and definitely looked the part.  I hope you enjoy.


Blood Orange Gin-Hattan

By Brian, January 17, 2013

Blood Orange Gin-Hattan



Combine the gin, grenadine, vermouth, and bitters in a cocktail shaker.  Cut the blood orange in half and add the juice from one of the halves to the shaker.  Shake with ice.  Strain any seeds out and pour into a coupe.  Garnish with a flamed blood orange peel and a blood orange wedge or wheel.



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