Buffalo Chicken Salad

Someone has a serious case of the hump days.  That someone is very much me. It’s my guess that a few of you have it too, since it’s a big world and surely I can’t be the only one.

And instead of telling you the lovely merits of this dinner option, how it tastes great and all that garb, I think I’ll stick with the truth today.


I am lazy and tired and this is the best I can throw together. You might not feel that way today, but I know sometimes you do.  If one of your new years resolutions was to cook more, and days like these make it hard to do that, enter the buffalo chicken salad.


It takes practically no effort, it tastes good, and it gets the job done.  This is a no-bull dinner, for days when you’re sporting a no-bull personality.  Also, if you’ve followed my advice and made my homemade ranch dressing, then this is really going to hit the spot.


Buffalo Chicken Salad

By Whitney, January 16, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Dress this salad with store bought or if you're feeling fresh, our homemade ranch dressing. Looking to kick this up a knotch? Add bacon and grilled corn.



Toss the romaine, spinach, celery and parsley together.  Toss the chicken in the buffalo sauce and bake at 350 for 25-35 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through.  Top the salad with the chicken and dress with ranch dressing.



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