How-Toosday: Striped Wine Bottle Vase

You’ve seen that I am a royal hoarder of wine / booze bottles, and listen here, I have no shame.  While you might think “What in the dickens do you need all those bottles for.”  I am thinking about how I am going to have cute little clusters of vases all over my house.  The more vases I have, the more flowers I’m allowed to buy.  It’s girl math.

See, if I have vases in every room, then I need to buy flowers for every room.  And you can’t leave one room out because then it becomes the sad room where vases go to die.  So anyway, my house is all full of cute flowers because I had the foresight to hoard wine bottles.

And what  I really intended to do, was give these a cute little chevron pattern.  Except that that takes measuring, and precision, and it’s preferable that you do it when you haven’t emptied the bottle of wine you plan to paint.  So the easy plan B was to just paint stripes.  Like, so much easier.

See you just prime and paint your wine bottles, the way I taught you before. Once the second coat is dry, you then want to take painters tape, cut them in varied widths, and wrap them around the bottle in whatever pattern makes you happy.  Then go at them with a different color paint.  After they dry, you can easily remove the painters tape, and then you have a few striped bottles among your solid ones.




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