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Picture it:  You’re 7 years old, and it’s the day that highlights is supposed to show up in the mail for you.  See also: You’re WIGGING OUT.  I seriously can remember so vividly how exciting it was to get something in the mail, much less something full of activities for me to do over and over again until my eyes crossed, or the next highlights showed up.

You can relate, right? I can’t be the only person who would wait by the mailbox as a kid.  And times are changing, it’s weird, I find myself every year wondering what to get the tatertots in my life, because being a kid today is so different from being a kid humphteenty years ago. We won’t address how long ago humphteenty is.

And while it’s different, I know we still have one thing in common, getting something in the mail is fun, no matter how old you are.  So when Kiwi Crate reached out to me to share with your their version of a birchbox for kids, I was excited to share it with my neices, and with you.  It’s a craft box sent to your house, once a month, with at least 2 crafts in it for kids from ages 3-7.

Well, HELLO fun in the mailbox.  How are you?  They sent my nieces a holiday box to try, and we had a blast putting together the gingerbread house and making ornaments for our family tree.  Can you imagine getting a kid something for the holidays that would last them a whole year? I almost always buy gifts knowing they have a shelf life of 2 days of excitement.  This is the gift that gives all year round.  Anyway, if you are a slacker like me and still have some kiddos to buy presents for, might I suggest ordering them a Kiwi Crate?  The best news of all, you don’t have to wrap anything.

Win. Win. People.  Thanks so much to Kiwi Crate for providing such a fun time for Emily and Claire.  We had a blast!



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