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Office Holiday Parties.  You gotta be careful around them.  They can get dangerous.  Unless you work for a hip cool ad agency you probably don’t socially drink with all of your colleagues on the reg.  Because of this you have to make sure you keep yourself together when you go to office holiday party this year.  The main problem is that a lot of office holiday parties include an open bar.  (says the consultant.  Darling, not many other companies have open bar parties…) Now, I obviously have no objection to an open bar.  I’m just saying that you could easily find yourself 3 whiskies deep before you see anything resembling a meal which could lead to you doing or saying things you should not.

Whit and I had an experience like this.  We were just out of college and it was the first work “party” that we were invited to.

NOTE: this was not a holiday party but the same rules apply.

We arrive and realize that there is indeed an open bar.  Keep in mind again, we are about 3 months out of college so hearing the words “open bar” is more of a challenge than a warning.  Needless to say we GO FOR IT.  About 1 hour into the event Whitney and I are, let’s just say, getting handsy. (Brian! Our moms read this blog!)  We look around and realize while we are on drink 4’ish almost everyone else is still on their first.  That is when we look at each other and decide it is time to leave.  Luckily for us we realized we were headed on a path towards embarrassment before it actually happened.

On a totally unrelated note, I want to share a recipe for a cocktail that Whitney came up with.  It is a sauteed apple smash.  I know, only she would make a cocktail that requires sauteed apples.  But let me tell you it was super tasty.  Also, being right on the edge of fall/winter is the perfect season for one. Even thought this cocktail doesn’t really have anything to do with office holiday parties I felt compelled to give you all some advice before you go make fools of yourselves. (Sage advice, dear.)

So cheers and best of luck to you at your holiday parties.

Sauteed Apple Smash

By Brian, December 13, 2012

Sauteed Apple Smash



Saute the diced apples until they are soft, about 3 minutes over medium heat.  Muddle the sauteed apples with the lemon juice.  Add the rye, vermouth, and agave.  Shake with ice.  Double strain over a large ice cube.  Garnish with an apple slice.



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