Hot Buttered Apple Rye

(First things first: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Believe it or not, we are thankful for you.  I know, tender.) It’s that time of year again.  The time when your work life starts to slow down a bit but your personal life goes into ultra hyper stress mode.  You have to worry about hosting parties, getting gifts, and just doing more in general than you do any other time of the year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays but they are stressful.  Thankfully, unlike stress at work, you can combat holiday stress with booze (I mean I guess you could combat work stress with booze too but that might bet you fired.  Just saying).  Anyway, around this time of year I typically am looking for a quick fix so I go straight to the bourbon or scotch.  However, on occasion I want to make something a bit more extravagant that helps to bring out some of the holiday spirit.  In this instance, I am partial to the warm/spiced drinks.  In particular a hot buttered rum or bourbon.

The first time I ever made hot buttered rum was for a Friendsgiving we had a few years ago.  We were having about 20+ people coming over and Whit was cooking a 20 pound turkey so I felt a little pressured to step up my game with a nice holiday cocktail.  I made a fairly extravagant concoction.  I used apple cider as the base but included numerous other spices as well as a dark rum.  We (I say we because Whit obviously helped in the spice department) also created a butter and spice mixture that we later added to each glass of the hot buttered rum.  Hence the “butter” in the name.

My Friendsgiving drink took a lot of hours to prepare and was delicious but I wanted to have something similar that wasn’t quite as involved.  So I recently took out one of my favorite cocktail books and found a recipe for a hot buttered bourbon which sounded quite nice.  It called for a spiced bourbon, but being the educated man I am, I decided to use some of my Apple Infused Rye whiskey, which worked perfectly (although I’m sure the bourbon would have been delicious too).  The recipe was easy enough with a few pre-made ingredients and it tasted great.  It also helped to calm my nerves a bit before the whirlwind of a month that is about to start.

With that I would like to say cheers and happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Hot Buttered Apple Rye

By Brian, November 22, 2012

Hot Buttered Apple Rye

Recipe inspired from The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book



Heat up the water and combine with the syrup and whiskey in a mug.  Add the butter and stir quickly so it all melts.



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