Magnus Dahl’s Glögg

I doubt that most of you know what glögg is.  Glögg is what people in Nordic countries called mulled wine.  Basically its a hot, spiced, boozy, wine based beverage and its delicious.  Also, its dangerous.  This past weekend for the big Fall Harvest dinner Whitney threw I made a glögg  or our guests.  Traditionally I make a cider mixture or hot buttered rum but this year I wanted to do something a little different.  The glögg I made was no joke.  It was one of those beverages that looks fairly unassuming.  It looked like a deliciously warm fall/winter beverage with some raisins and almonds floating in it.  That was until you smelled it.  It smelled great but if you weren’t careful you could find yourself with a contact buzz.

Do you want to know the difference between a weak glögg and a glögg that has strength? A weak glogg, you can take a sip and still talk.  A glogg that has strength, you take a sip and the alcohol just absorbs all the space and air in your throat to where nothing but “mmmm mmmm, mmmm” is coming out.  Word. This glögg as some strength.  When I tried it, at first I was a little taken aback but then realized, despite the amount of alcohol it was actually very tasty.  The perfect amount of spice and mixture of flavors made it the perfect cocktail for the evening.  The people who saw my face when I first tried it, knew what to expect but I had to warn the others before they tasted it.  Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it though.  Maybe a bit too much.  Towards the end of the night I was making an announcement about how everyone should tweet about the dinner and tag #FallHarvest, only what cam out was “You all should tag Hall Farvest”.  (You think that’s bad, you should have heard what I sounded like…) Needless to say I was pretty glögged at that point and should not have been making announcements.  All in all though the night and the glögg were a huge success.  So if you are looking for a good mulled wine recipe and don’t mind if your guests are a little over served I definitely recommend Magnus Dahl’s Glögg for the occasion.

Magnus Dahl's Glogg

By Brian, November 1, 2012

Magnus Dahl's Glogg

This recipe is from Saveur.



Combine wine, brandy, whiskey, almonds, raisins, and orange peel in a slow cooker. Tie cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves together in cheesecloth, and add to the liquid.  Cook over low heat for 2 hours. Discard cheesecloth, ladle glögg into mugs and drink with caution.





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