Bourbon Bramble

Colorado, and most of the mountains in the west, have received a fair amount of snow over the past few days.  Now, I know this is a good sign for the ski season to come but lets be honest its still October and I’m trying to get my Fall on.  Every October, around the end of the month, Whit and I hold a Fall Harvest/Halloween dinner party.  Sometimes its more fall and others its more Halloween themed.  This year is one of the “Fall” years (Can’t say I’m too happy about it but you bet your ass I’ll be playing the Monster Mash at least 3 times).  Regardless of the theme Whit goes ALL OUT and this year is no exception.  I mean I took one look at her menu and literally exclaimed “Holy crap, how are you going to make all that”. (Follow along this Saturday on twitter with #fallharvest for real time dinner party tweets!)  She then dusted her shoulder off and told me it was no big deal. (‘Cause it ain’t no thang.) So I, not one to take being shown up lightly, always create a seasonal cocktail to accompany this ridiculous dinner (I like to think that the people only like the food because they have already had so much to drink.  Probably not true though…) (It’s not true.)

This year as I was perusing the inter-webs looking for inspiration for my dinner cocktail I stumbled upon a recipe on Saveur that piqued my interest.  Now this cocktail is not what I am making for our dinner party (that’s next weeks post) but it is a delectable fall cocktail that I felt I needed to try and to share with you all.  It is called the Bourbon Bramble.  The Bourbon Bramble is a drink that includes bourbon (duh), elderflower liquor, creme de cassis, and lemon juice.  Definitely sounded fall’ish (esque?) to me.  Last night I had one and I have to say I was very surprised at the complexity and levels of flavors involved.  The bourbon, elderflower, and lemon gave a somewhat floral and earthy flavor while the creme de cassis added some sweetness and made it feel like fall (even though it was pouring snow outside).  This is a cocktail that works perfectly with a little crisp air outside and potentially a nice fire roaring.  I have to thank Saveur again for the inspiration and I hope you all enjoy the Bourbon Bramble.

Bourbon Bramble

By Brian, October 25, 2012

Bourbon Bramble



Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice.  Shake well and strain into a glass.  You can garnish with a lemon wheel.



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  1. After last year’s Halloween snowstorm from hell in Connecticut I’m cured of October snow forever.

    I would cry. Hope the dinner party goes fantastically though!


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