Spiced Turkey Napoleon

This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Kenmore Blogger Summit, where 31 of us where shipped in from all over the country to get our hands on Kenmore’s products, compete in challenges, and cook until we dropped.  I met some great people, ate some great food, and laughed. Always, with the laughs.

The highlight of the weekend for me was meeting Katy Wyer of Telegraph.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, girlfriend is seriously a genius when it comes to pastry and she brought her brioche dough for all of us to use in a challenge.   I wanted to share one of the recipes my team created with you – this recipe was actually my idea and so I felt like a proud momma bear when our team won that challenge at the summit.  I was so honored to work with such a positive team who should have looked at me like I was Medusa when I suggested a napoleon instead of a traditional roll.  Even Katy herself told me not to be surprised if I saw a rosemary brioche flatbread pop up on her menu soon.

I told her to put me on payroll.  Then I promptly died and fought tears of joy and pride. And then, our team won 6 quart Kenmore stand mixers. So I died again of happiness.

While I don’t have Katy’s recipe for brioche quiet yet, I promise to share it with you when I do have it.  In the meantime, you can substitute with puff pastry or another butter based dough of your liking.

Also, if you’re in Logan Square, get your tail up to Telegraph. Give Katy a big kiss for me and tell her I’ll wait for my W-9 in the mail.

A big big thanks to Kenmore for flying me out, putting me up, and dealing with my shenanigans all weekend!  Let’s do it again next week, okay?

Rosemary Brioche Napoleon with Spiced Ground Turkey and Pomegranate

By Whitney, October 24, 2012

Rosemary Brioche Napoleon with Spiced Ground Turkey and Pomegranate

Rosemary Brioche, Cumin spiced turkey,  pomegranate, lime crema, and a romaine and citrus salad. And we did it in 25 minutes.



Roll out the brioche dough to 1/4 inch thickness, and top with chopped rosemary.  Press to make sure the rosemary sticks to the dough.  Cut into 4x3 inch rectangles. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350. While the brioche is cooking, heat the garlic and shallot in olive oil over medium high heat.  Add the turkey and cook through.  Add the cumin, red pepper, turmeric, and coriander and cook 1 minute more. Just before serving, toss in the pomegranate seeds. In a separate bowl, mix the sour cream with the juice of 1 lime, and zest of 1 lime.  Season well with salt. Chop the romaine, celery, parsley and chives.  Dress lightly with olive oil, the remaining lime juice, salt and pepper. To assemble, place a brioche rectangle on the bottom of the plate.  Top with 1/3 cup of the ground turkey mixture, 2 tablespoons of the crema, and a little of the romaine salad.  Repeat until you have 3 layers of brioche, and serve with extra lime crema and pomegranate seeds.



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