Bourbon Spiced Cider

I am a HUGE fan of Halloween.  Its probably my favorite holiday of the year.  My love for Halloween started when I was just a lil guy.  Every year, around this time, my mom would take my sister and me to a costume shop to figure out what we were going to be.  It typically wasn’t a hard choice because I’m pretty sure I was a ninja for like 10 years straight (I know, I’m pretty sweet).

Anyway, our annual trip to the local costume shop was not just for getting costumes, it was also for re-stocking our household Halloween decorations.  These ran the gamut and typically included things like scarecrows, fake jack’o’lanterns, and motion triggered cackling witches.  But, my favorite decoration we would get every year was our cotton (maybe?) spider webs that we would put up in our windows.  I used to love stretching out the webs across all of our front windows and adding in some spiders, bats, and even bugs.  That was the greatest.  We always had one of the best decorated houses every October.

All of these decorations would obviously lead up to the main event.  Trick’or’Treating.  Who doesn’t love candy as a child?  No one.  Naturally I would straight run from house to house grabbing all of the candy I could (“Take one please”.  Pffft, no freaking way).  While I was scampering about with my neighborhood buddies our dad’s would always accompany us with a little thermos.  Now, at the time I had no idea or even cared what was in said thermos but I later would come to realize what they meant when they would say “Trick’or’Scotch”.  They were laying low and enjoying a brown beverage the whole time.  GENIUS!


So, in honor of them and my love for Halloween I decided to make a fall cocktail of my own that would be perfect for a thermos and a little trick’or’treating.  Now, I know its not scotch and I apologize for that but it has bourbon which is definitely an acceptable substitute.  And you’re welcome.

Bourbon Spiced Cider

By Brian, October 11, 2012

Bourbon Spiced Cider




Heat the apple cider and pour it into a mug or thermos.  Add the bourbon and simple syrup.  Stir.  Garnish with a cinnamon stick.  Follow your children as they run from house to house collecting candy.  (NOTE: if you do not have children.  DO NOT follow someone else's children.  That could get weird).



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