The Perfect Manhattan

I want to talk to you today about the Perfect Manhattan (P.M.).  I know I was singing its praises in last weeks post but I wanted to get a little more into it this week.  The P.M. is a variety of Manhattan that uses both sweet and dry vermouths and its really freaking good.  You don’t find it too many places but most barkeeps will know how to fashion one.

This past weekend, Whit and I were visiting some of our best friends in Chicago and I had an opportunity to get the P.M. that introduced me to brandied cherries.  It was just as I remembered.  Everything that you would come to expect from a normal Manhattan but with a little less sweetness and a little more complexity.  It also helped that had it made with Templeton Rye.

Sidebar:  What the eff is with bars these days.  A Manhattan is made with Rye.  Not bourbon, not scotch, but Rye.  Its not like Rye is hard to find these days.  Its everwhere.  Bulleit Rye, delicious and cheap.  Figure it out.  /rant over

Sorry about that.  I am a little particular about my whiskeys.  Anyway,  all I’m trying to say is that the Perfect Manhattan is super tasty.  Lucky for me I recently picked up some bomb vermouths too that take it to the next level.  Martini and Rossi vermouth is fine in a pinch but if you want to get real classy you should pick up a bottle of the Dolin Rouge and Dolin Dry.  They are delish and work wonders in a P.M.

The Perfect Manhattan

By Brian, August 31, 2012

The Perfect Manhattan



Combine all ingredients, stir with ice. Serve with brandied cherry.

I hope you all have a glorious Labor Day weekend and cap it off with your favorite brown drank.  I know I will.



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