How To: Make a Rope Lamp

Let’s talk about my last obsession with all things rope.  I want to wrap EVERYTHING in rope.  Sometimes, even my husbands head.  Just kidding…

But seriously, rope. Textured neutral, gives interest to space while still complimenting practically any color scheme, I could go on and on.

Anyway, we needed a floor lamp in our living room, and I wanted something substantial and neutral. I kept coveting this lamp from west elm (quelle surprise) and really not wanting to tell my husband that a 350 dollar lamp had edged him out of my dreams.

And so I did the only thing any girl would do. I went to target. Because they know how to do a girl right for the right price.  I looked around for a lamp with a shape that I liked, and for 70 bones, I took the plunge.

While I felt this lamp was a little on the thin side, I knew it was nothing my hot glue gun and a mess of rope couldn’t fix. (Also, I got another lamp shade. that one was wrong in every way.)

And so with a glass of cabernet and an extra pack of glue sticks, I set out on a journey for a perfect floor lamp.  I must say, and it could be the cab talking, but I think I hit the nail on the head here.

How To: Make a Rope Lamp

By Whitney, August 15, 2012

How To: Make a Rope Lamp


  • lamp - with a shape you like
  • rope - for this floor lamp, about 30 feet
  • hot glue gun - with plenty of hot glue sticks


Starting at the back of the lamp where the cord meets, hot glue the end of the rope to the base of the lamp.  Continue gluing and wrapping around the lamp, making sure the rope is flush with it's previous row, and straight and even.

A $110 price tag instead of $350 for this knock off is so much easier to swallow. Happy Hot Gluing!




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  1. Love the lamp….A while back I had a couple of vases that were just too plain. So, I did the same thing with the hot glue and rope to them and now everyone wants to know where I got them. Funny no one mentioned them before…lol :)

    Carolyn Noles Payne says: January 4, 2013 at 7:21 am

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