Rum Orange Julius

Remember the days when you were a child and Ice Cream was part of every balanced meal? A time when if you had a day that did not include said frozen treat you would throw a huge tantrum. I know Whit hasn’t forgotten those days. (they haunt me.)  Well I haven’t either.

Due to the extreme heat wave that has been lingering this summer I have spent many days wishing my metabolism was what it once was and that I could eat ice cream daily with zero repercussions. Sadly this is not the case. Regardless, I crave a Choco Taco or Dreamsicle almost daily. I used to LOVE both of those. It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago that I realized Dairy Queen made one of my favorite frozen delights into a milkshake-type-thingy. The Orange Julius. (bro, the Julius does not have ice cream in it, just sayin.) I know these things have been around for ages but I had never heard of it until I was in my twenties (freaking travesty).

For those of you who are like me circa 2008, an Orange Julius is basically a liquefied creamsicle that is a frothy and incredibly satisfying. It definitely takes me back to a more simple time when I would panic at the first sound of an ice cream truck. (the only exercise I got was chasing that damn truck…) I recently was daydreaming about having one and thought to myself “Why can’t I combine one of my favorite treats from my childhood with one of my favorite treats from adulthood?” Answer is, I CAN! I decided that I was totes going to add some booze to my Orange Julius. My first thought was whiskey/bourbon (naturally) but decided that a dark rum would probably pair better with the flavors and the consistency. Although, due to the success of this Julius I am considering a Bourbon Peach Julius. You’re Welcome.

The Rum Orange Julius is refreshing, delicious, and alcoholic. I would definitely suggest having one during these hot days of summer while mocking the Olympians who are working hard, sweating, and not enjoying a creamy orange treat. Make sure to stretch beforehand though. These drinks can be pretty filling and we don’t want you to pull a hammy. (I would like to go on record and say I think this is effing disgusting and wouldn’t be caught dead drinking one. But you go right on with your fat self.)

Rum Orange Julius

By Brian, July 26, 2012

Rum Orange Julius

Combining your inner fat kid and boozehound.



Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend for 10-15 seconds.  You can use more or less ice to change the thickness of the drink.



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  1. I’ll admit it–I’m skeptical about the egg white, but now I’ve gotta try it!

    I command you: you must recreate the one and only Choco Taco!


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