How To: Repurpose Booze Bottles

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It’s been awhile since momma taught ya how to make something beautiful, sounds like it’s time for a How-Toosday, amiright?

You know what I have a surplus of in my house? You are going to laugh, this comes as no surprise – booze bottles.  That’s right, we drink our weight in sauce of all sorts at our house, and I always find myself cringing at the thought of getting rid of those bottles.

For example, Brian and I purchased an offensive amount of wine during our honeymoon.  Each time we open a bottle, it’s sentimental and I have a hard time throwing those bottles out. (I know, packrat) But mainly, I look at some of the things we drink and think, that would be an epic vase.  Some of Dad’s whiskey bottles, seriously cool looking.  Alcoholic Chic, right?

Now, I decided I would just start hoarding these bottles and spray painting them in a monochromatic scheme, and then cluster them all over my bookshelf.  You could do this in any color, paint them with patterns (ahem chevron) or even keep them their original color if you’d like, but they add interest to an otherwise unused space.

I also use them as cluster vases sometimes too, pretty much my house is littered in spray painted bottles…

Repurpose Booze Bottles

By Whitney, July 17, 2012

Repurpose Booze Bottles




Place the empty booze bottles in a bath tub with hot water and the dish soap.  Let them soak for 4 hours, and then go to remove the labels.  If they still stick to the bottle, use the sharp knife to etch the glue off the bottle.  Dry thoroughly.  Spray paint the bottles one at a time sitting on the card board as to not ruin your surface.  Start with one coat of primer, followed by 2 coats of your chosen paint color.  Featured on our shelf of recycled bottles are old wine bottles, bulliet bourbon bottles, scotch bottles, caper jars, and soda bottles.  Feel free to get creative and use whatever jars or bottles look fun to you.

Hell hath no crafting fury like Whitney with a spray paint can.



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5 Responses to How To: Repurpose Booze Bottles

  1. Oh we saved HUNDREDS of wine bottles during our engagement. I planned on using them as centerpieces somehow for our wedding tables – and then ended up not using ANY. So they’re still sitting in our basement. Might have to bust out some spray paint now though!

  2. Hey, read this and love the pic. Did you know that you can use olive oil (or I guess any type of oil) to remove sticky labels? Just put some on kitchen paper and scrub – even the stickyest goo comes off easily! This knowledge changed my life!

  3. Love your blog….ready to DIY all of my pack rat wine bottles!! Thanks!!! And ready to do some cooking too. (Maybe…don’t tell the hubby!).

  4. Hi Whitney,

    These are really cute. Have a question though. Would the bottle turn out the same way without the primer? Thanks!


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