The Godfather

As you may recall, we recently had my in-laws in town and Whit went on a bit of a cleaning rampage. Now, typical everyday Whit is all about cleaning up our apartment in the complete off chance that we might have a random guest or visitor come to hang out. (damn straight.) But in preparation for her parents, Whitney decided to bring out the big guns and hire a cleaning service to drop a one day cleaning bomb. I, for one, was all about it (it got me out of having to do a lot of it) and they did a great job. Our place was virtually spotless. However, we did notice that they decided to do a bit of rearranging of our appliances, furniture, etc.

I understand that this was probably necessary to do a thorough job but they rearranged one thing that totally threw me for a loop. My booze bar. The night after the cleaning I reached down to the exact spot where I keep my favorite scotch and low and behold its not there. (murderous looks ensued.) Instead I find myself grabbing a bottle of Disaronno. In a brief moment of panic I thought two things.

“A” of all, where is my scotch? and

Second of all, when the hell did we get Disaronno?

Luckily I found my scotch hiding in the back of my stash, but I asked Whit about the Disaronno and her response was We have amaretto? baller. since when?

Now, I am not the biggest fan of amaretto flavor. I find that it can be a bit overpowering. But due to this new found liquor I felt compelled to make a cocktail with it. I had no idea what it would be good with so I decided to check out the Disaronno website for suggestions. They have dozens of recipes ranging from classic cocktails, to foo-foo drinks, to coffee beverages. I did find one that spiked my interest because it involved using scotch (the drink I was looking for in the first place). (It also didn’t hurt that the drink was called the Godfather…Right, Mr. Mob-Hair?)
It is a simple recipe that only has scotch and Disaronno but I used one of my more peaty scotches (because I am not a huge fan of them straight) to give it a little extra punch of flavor. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the overpowering amaretto flavor was mellowed and made almost creamy by adding the scotch. And the smokiness of the scotch added the extra level of flavor that I was hoping it would. This drink is not necessarily something that I would drink on the reg but it definitely warrants having the Disaronno on hand and is an excellent after dinner cocktail. I hope you enjoy.

The Godfather

By Brian, June 8, 2012

The Godfather

disaronno and scotch.



Combine ingredients with ice and stir.



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