The Resting Point

Whitney is the kinda girl who can only really cut loose when she drinks some tequila.  Now, she does favor the vino.  I know.  But, wine makes her calm down and chill out.  If she wants to really get cray then she has some of the mexican magic.

This weekend is for sure a time where Whit will need to have some fun.  Work has been insane and she is OVERKILL prepping for the arrival of the famed Cindy Speth.  You might think that the husband would be stressing more about the first visit from the in-laws, but ole’ Cinbad and I are besties so I am as calm as a cucumber.  Whit however is stressed, to say the least, and must have everything to perfection for her parents.  This includes shaving/bathing the cats, having the house cleaned, buy all new bedding from IKEA, arranging flowers, planning/cooking for the Memorial Day BBQ, and stocking our wine selection to the absolute max.  She is straight rolling out the red carpet and has probably taken at least 4-5 years off of her life.

All of that being said, come Sunday, at the BBQ she is going to be ready for the tequila to flow.  Her conscious might tell her to ask her adoring husband to make her a delicious margarita, but no.  He is going to bust out a slightly different tequila concoction that will satisfy her agave desires.  It is a bit more complex than the Marg but it will do just the trick to send her on her way to a glorious night full of BBQ, card games, and southern accents.  So, if you can’t wait for Sunday, like Whit, then here is the recipe for “The Resting Point” (the name might be misleading).  Enjoy!

The Resting Point

By Brian, June 6, 2012

The Resting Point



Combine ingredients.  Shake with ice.  Strain over large ice cube.  Garnish with Lemon.



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