How-to: Hang a Photo Wall

Oh darlings, it’s been a long time since I’ve given you something craft worthy.  It’s not that DIY isn’t happening over at casa de bouche, it’s just that I get so wrapped up in the food.

I trust you all know how it is.  Since Brian and I moved into a space practically twice the size of our Chicago apartment, you guessed it, there is twice the amount of wall space to cover.

And I ain’t mad.  Cause you know how I love decorating my nest. Clearly, a lot has happened in the last 9 years we’ve spent together, and I thought the best way to capture that would be by creating a black and white photo wall of memories.

It turns out, that just because you are capturing all your joyous memories on you wall doesn’t make you want to murder your spouse any less while doing so.

Brian and I craft differently.  To say that we were both thoroughly annoyed with each other while hanging this wall is an understatement.   But, we got it hung, with some bumps in the road, and now we love to look at it and talk about each memory we’ve shared.

I know, precious.

First, let me tell you how not to do this.  Don’t lay the frames out on the ground and then just start slapping them on the wall.   We did that the first time and well, they were scrunched so badly that it looked ridiculous and practically slapped one another.

Do measure your usable wall space, tape that space out on an open floor, and work with your frames loosely there to determine the best layout.

Then, cut parchment paper templates out for each frame, and tape them on the wall, spacing them out appropriately.  We had about an inch of space between most photos.

Once your templates are up, place a nail through the parchment, rip the parchment off the wall, and then hang your frame.

Also, maybe enlist your crafty best friend in helping you instead of your husband. Just a suggestion.

Just because there is a ram’s head involved, doesn’t mean he’s automatically excited.

Also, be thankful that you have amazing readers, like Mallory Larsen, who send you amazing things like a personalized cross stitch sign that says “Home Smells Like Meat” Because A) it does. and B) it allows you to really confuse your future grandchildren.  I imagine as my family sorts through all of “old drunk gramgrams” belongings, they will find my home smells like meat sign and say “Whoa. weird gramgrams. and cool. but weird.”

Thank you, Mal!

Ignore this messy room, just wanted you to see the proportions.

All my crafting love,



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