Armagnac Sidecar

I don’t know about all of you but after I have a delicious and filling meal I like to polish it off with a nice post dinner cocktail.  My go-to is typically a 10ish year Tawny Port, but I was recently introduced to a fine spirit called Armagnac.  Now, I am not a regular Brandy drinker and the idea of a full test (80+ proof) after dinner libation seemed a little aggressive for a Tuesday but I am also not one to turn down a new type of liquor.  I actually found the armagnac to be very nice with full and assertive flavor profile. Naturally it only made sense for me to pick up a bottle during my next trip to the liquor store. (oh it doesn’t taste like piss? I NEEDA BOTTLE!)

The Armagnac itself is a well-balanced brandy but I was most interested in seeing how I could apply my new found love for mixology to make an interesting cocktail out of it.  I stumbled upon the recipe for the classic cocktail, the Sidecar, and decided to Bouche it up a bit by using Cranberry Infused Armangac instead of Cognac and Leopold’s Orange Liquor instead of Cointreau.  Let me tell you.  This is a kick in the pants.

It is probably not going to fulfill your “I have a bunch of random booze lying around, what drink should I make” nightly dilemma because I’m not sure how many of you just have Armagnac lying around but you should definitely pick some up and give this baby a try.

 Whitney here. I can’t handle lying to you all. The TRUTH about the Armagnac attack is that Whitney soaked craisins for a side project in armagnac, and thought to herself – this is a pot of pink colored gold right here.  I am passing this off to sir mixalot to work his thang with this craisin infused side car.  THAT, is really what happened.

Cranberry Infused Armagnac Sidecar

By Brian, April 18, 2012

Cranberry Infused Armagnac Sidecar

Pink but packs a punch.



Combine the Cranberry infused Armagnac, Orange Liqueur and and Lemon Juice in a boston shaker with ice.  Shake well, strain and serve in a chilled glass.



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