How To: Make Cornice Boards

Do you know what really gets my creative gears going? A good craft.

You might not realize this about me, but I almost love a good craft as much as I love a good glass of red wine. ALMOST.  I almost love to craft as much as I love to eat. ALMOST.

It’s a fine line of almosts. I suppose I just believe in the nest theory.  You know that one, right?

It’s where your home is your haven and you are supposed to surround yourself with things you find beautiful in order to feel calm and happy.  Some people call that hoarding, I like to call it nesting. (not the pregnant kind of nesting, but the obsessive DIY/finish decorating my home/what’s next to make pretty and cover with chalkboard paint sort of nesting)

You saw it in my last home, what with chalkboard walls, refinished coffee tables and homemade headboards…in our new place we’ve (you know, me and my multiple personalities) really been focusing on fabrics.  Everywhere.

Did you know that in order for a room to feel texturally interesting and visually stimulating, you are supposed to have 12 fabrics in the room?

Sound stressful and overstimulating? Think of it this way:  If your couch is a fabric, and each different pillow has a different fabric, plus curtains and blankets, you’re already half-way there.  Especially if you’re me and have pillow ADD.

We have some rather high ceilings, and in my quest to wrap all things in a patterned fabric, Brian and I embarked on a little project I like to call, Cornice-a-palooza.

It’s where you measure your windows, go to home depot, and spend a fafrillion dollars on fabric from joannes.  ( I can’t help it if the only fabric I find beautiful is the waverly line. sorry.)

How-To: Make your own window coverings (AKA Cornice Boards)

1. Measure your windows.   Give yourself at least 2 inches of cushion in length, I did 4, 2 inches per side of the window.  Then decide how tall you want your cornice boards to be.  I wanted big chunky ones, so I think we went with a foot.  You also need to figure out how far off the wall you want it to sit.  We went with 6 inches to give ourselves some good shadow effect and enough room for curtains.

So at this point you should have your measurements for 3 pieces of wood per cornice board.  (2 short pieces (height x width) and 1 long piece (length x height))

We don’t own a slew of power saws (i know, i wish we did too.) so we just paid our pals at home depot to cut the wood we needed to size.  Then we bought brackets, mollies, and some legit screws.  Attach your three pieces of wood together using the L brackets.  Use batting and your favorite fabric to cover the wood wit h a staple gun.

Attach your covered cornice board to the wall via mollies and L brackets.  Use a tension rod to hang curtains in place.

And now you have a stately window that announces itself. “HAI, I am the window. Look at my pretty outfit. See how I guide your gaze out my glass into the urban Denver environment.”




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5 Responses to How To: Make Cornice Boards

  1. Umm. Just discovered the epicness that is your blog. And you live in Denver? I die. I lived in Cap Hill for a bit and now I’m up in Estes Park (where the average age is approx 27+ years my senior… excellent). Can’t wait to keep reading – you are hysterical!

    • KIRBY! I love me a fellow coloradan! are you shaking things up there in estes park? I have to imagine bingo can get pretty boring…..!

  2. This is really cool! I may have to try it.

    Btw, I LOVE the pic of your husband and your cat! Your husband must be a great guy b/c most men don’t like cats! :-)


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