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I know, you missed me. Mommy missed you, too.  Well, a little.  As much as you can miss someone when you’re drinking margaritas and falling asleep at the dinner table.  Ok, that wasn’t me, but my father-in-law did. God, I love that man. Coming home from vacation you always feel one of 2 things.  In... read more →

Cultural Awkwardness.

Let’s talk about cultural differences.  We’ve got em, am i right? For example, if I were to ask you about a hot brown, you might think I was talkin’ about takin’ a deuce instead of a sandwich. If I were to tell you how much my husband loves ‘Pho’ you might think I stopped halfway... read more →

Pear Prosecco Sorbet

While I mentioned previously that I won’t be setting unrealistic goals in my personal life this year, I will still be here to make you step out of your comfort zone. Let’s be honest. What’s more funny than someone frustrated in the kitchen? Nothing, because it falls into the amazing category of #firstworldproblems. While all... read more →