Monthly Archives: December 2011

dump truck.

Cookies. I flove cookies so much I am like a dump truck where all the cookies of the world go.  Can you picture it? I am the cookie monster and my ass is the shape of a dump truck, overflowing with fudgy cookies.  Also, I have bangs now, so add those in your thoughts. I... read more →

Screen Door Turned Decor

In following with the whole, ‘get off your tail and craft” theme from yesterday, I thought I’d give you a taste of our farmers market find that we turned into a decor staple. While pumpkin patching in the fall, we came across this screen door that someone was selling as a chalkboard/pushpin/chicken wire wall feature.... read more →


Is it just me, or is everyone really jazzed up about the holidays this year?  I always have the same mixed emotions around this time: rushed, stressed, emotional, and raw. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, everything seems to be coming to and end and I have this need to... read more →


I want to talk to you about blessings.  We all have them.  I am not talking about traditional blessings in the regard that we have health, happiness, and financial security.  I am talking about the shallow blessings that make being a middle class american a pretty sweet life.  Hang with me here, kids. Why Whitney is... read more →


Let’s talk about when something constitutes for “the” in your life. THE local spot you like to frequent.  THE best restaurant this side of the mississippi. THE best brownie. It’s ‘the’ in your life, when you can’t possibly think of anything to replace. You’re welcome, for THE brownie recipe. THE Brownie read more →

Friday Night.

Your friday and my friday. I get the sneaking suspicion they are different.  Let me take a stab at this. Your friday.  Leave work, meet friends at happy hour at a mexican place.  Margaritas turn into tacos and queso.  The next thing you know its 9 pm. Then you head to the cowboy lounge or... read more →


Want something that’s going to knock the knickers right off your friend/hot neighbor/co-workers/sister/boyfriend? Yea, who doesn’t.  I know I can barely count the times I’ve thought “I want to make something to really impress that jackass that keeps moving my doormat down the hallway.” It says Abraham on it, so unless you’re 2000 years old... read more →