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Lets be frank for a minute, can we?  Lamb is where it’s at. I live in the Lamb Capital of the nation, and I gotta say, momma’s not upset. And I have this thing for taking a Mediterranean dish and making it all ‘ooh, is that indian?’ Yea, yea I did. It’s all, Lamb and... read more →

Dark and Complex

SO, I know what you’re going to say.  Oh, look who’s decided to return to earth and all that.  I get it.  You missed me. Fair. Sometimes I miss me too. And I timed this perfectly, because I felt I needed to pair the sadness of my absence with a dark, complex recipe. I know.... read more →

Meet Harry.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope all you turkeys are in your sweatpants living the dream.  Martha knows I’ll be in my sunday best stretchy pants. I have something to share with you, and it’s gonna get you going.  I cooked a 22 pound bird on Sunday, we’ll call him Trevor. Trevor was gorgeous and I couldn’t... read more →

Thanksgiving Duel

I have this theory about what “needs” to be at a thanksgiving table. Clearly, there needs to be a bird.  That’s a given.  There also, needs to be green bean casserole. because we need our greens, right. There needs to be mashed potatoes blend in with everything, and most importantly. There needs to be a... read more →

Klassy Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it’s my guess that some of you slackers are looking for dishes to impress. Yea, you. Slacker. And you are one lucky son of a gun that you know me.  Since I can’t leave a slacker sister hangin’. See. People overlook the side dishes cause it’s all about the bird. But... read more →


I have a question I have been meaning to ask you. Is there anything tiny lobster doesn’t go with? I don’t think so.  It goes with anything butter, which also goes with anything. It goes with any carb, any green, goes with cheese and clearly well with cream. Goes well with bacon and other fishes... read more →


Do you know how many different ways there are to cook a potato? Like, a fafrillion. That’s how many. Fry em, bake em, roast em, poach em, boil em, grill em, french em, stuff em. baked-po-ta-to. (think daft punk here, good lord someone please get this.) See, like I said, a fafrillion.  Sometimes, having a... read more →