Monthly Archives: October 2011

Bringin’ sexy back.

I am constantly trying to find ways to sexy up the boring.  You know what I’m talking about.  Broccoli. Sadlad. Mashed Potatoes. Why you gotta be so boring?  Let’s bring sexy back to dinner, shall we? You’re going to invite the guy you like over to a dinner of microwave broccoli and stovetop stuffing? I... read more →

Advanced for my age.

Alright, skinny girls.  I know you’re out there.  You read that last post about apple fritters and immediately felt your pants tighten. Girl, sorry I am not sorry.  You need those fritters in your life.  I can tell just by the look of your facebook picture that you’re not going anywhere near those with a... read more →

Fresh from the Fryer

Sweet Lord, do I have something you need to make like, yesterday. Ever strolled into starbucks?  It’s a bad habit of mine. Recently I’ve been considering trenta’s and and you and I both know, it’s a path to a jittery and embarrassing distruction. Regardless, everytime I am waiting to decide if 20 ounces of bold coffee... read more →

Stretchy Pants

It’s fall, ya’ll.  As in I had to wear a coat this morning. Boo. Outerwear. Let’s be honest, the real reason I am annoyed is that I am going to have to start wearing pants again. I think we can all agree that pants are stupid. Speaking of, last night Brian came home and told... read more →

tail end of summer

It’s safe to say the summer has passed and here I am, still writing you recipes from the tail end of summers bounty. My B. I am tardy for the party. And embarrassed that I used that line. A little. Anyway, there is something about a sunset from a hot day melting into a cool... read more →

Wedding Cakez, I makez em.

Butter Bonanza. It happened this weekend. Eggstravaganza. It also happened.  Let’s do a little tally of what happened in Cindy’s kitchen. 3 nights of 4 hour sleep or less 43 sticks of butter 78 eggs 19 cups of sugar And the bride? Radiant. The groom? At peace. The baker? Drunk.  (what? I worked hard for... read more →

Last Call for…

Votes. I betcha thought I was going to say alcohol and I am sorry that I didn’t.  But this isn’t a bar, it’s a reputable publication. Righhhtttt…. This is a last call for votes on Foodbuzz’ Most Humorous Blog Awards. That’s right, you put me in the top five and now I am asking you... read more →

Epic Cake

Since I am in Columbus right now baking another wedding cake for yet another incredible friend, I thought it might be nice to give you an epic cake in honor of the fact that I am knee deep in butter and flour. Knee deep. It’s in my hair, it’s on my face, it’s in my... read more →