As you all know, we moved into our new place in Denver sans practically ALL of our apartment décor, and the white walls in our apartment have slowly started to feel like padded white walls – if you catch what I’m throwin’.

I feel crazy.

The kind with stirs.

I look at every wall with an exact blue print of what I want to do. Which is so great, right? I have a vision and I know what I want.  Woohoo for being a decisive woman, except.

Sherriff Notting-I-mean-Abra-ham steals my bag of pennies every time I get the nerve to make something.

What, an apartment scrooge.

Regardless, I’ve taken to doing my less expensive projects first, just so I don’t have to stare at the pads- I mean walls.

My first project was pretty simple. I want wall vases, and I want them now.

At first the plan was to hang mason jars from decorative rustic wood dowels because you know how much this girl loves her masonry.

But then Edison came along, and I knew that mason jar vases next to a 16 mason jar might be a wee bit overboard.

So I started to rethink this plan. I knew they needed to hold small bundles of flowers, they needed to hang from something via twine, and they had to be fabulous.

And this, is what happened.

This project is great to use old frames that you aren’t already, small trinkets that have meaning to you, or just an excess of miniature things. I don’t know why you’d have an excess of miniature things, but you know, to each her own.

Wall Vases, hung via frames

  • A Cluster of different sized frames with different molding, mix matched is best
  • 1 pint of Martha Stewart’s fresh linen white paint
  • 1 pint of another desired color, to go over the white – I used Martha’s new metallic line, and I gotta say, was really disappointed at how damn purple it looked. It read brown on the swatch.
  • Sand paper
  • Twine
  • Screws and Mollys
  • A Drill
  • Screw Driver
  • Lots of little vases with a lip, or other small trinkets that will work well hanging from twine.

As previously mentioned, you can use old frames of all sizes, or simply go out a buy a bundle of frames that you think look good together.

I went to Hobby Lobby on Memorial Day and bought all of these frames on the cheap.  I wasn’t concerned with color since I knew I’d be painting them.  I was looking for a molding that I liked, with an adequate amount of space in the middle for something to hang.

I also looked for various small jars, vases and votives to fill the center of the frames.

When I got them home, I sanded the frames to allow the paint to adhere.

I then painted 2 coats of the white paint.  I knew I’d be sanding again and didn’t want the original finish showing through.

After those dried, I took a dry brush and applied the metallic color.

Now, I was not, and still am not, please about the color this reads.  It was supposed to be brown, not purple. Of all the colors in the world, I hate purple. (Sorry, Kelley…)

Anyway, dry brush your top coat on, and don’t completely cover the white, let a good amount of it shine through.

Once that dries, sand it again until you have the finish you want.  I wanted mine to look super aged, so I really went for it.

Then you want to start hanging them on the wall. First, lay it out on the floor the way you want it so you don’t mess it up too bad.

Hang the first frame by drilling holes, pushing in the molly’s, and screwing in the screws.  Then hang the frame and make sure it’s level.

Measure the distance between that frame and where you want to have your other frame start.  Add that number to the height of the frame and drill your next holes there, and so on and so on.

Once the frames are in the right place, remove them one at a time to tie the vases.

Take the twine, and create a pull through loop around the frame.  Wrap the twine around the neck of the vase 5 times, moving the twine in opposite directions around it to secure it well. Tie in a pretty bow.

Repeat with the rest of the frames and vases.


And fill them with the seasons freshest flowers!

How’s that for a wallflower?



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