Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Egg Theory

Have I ever told you my theory on eggs? Oh, I’ve got one.  Yes, I think the egg came before the chicken (don’t ask me how) and no, that’s not my theory. My theory is that eggs are the perfect meal.  They are well balanced in fat to protein needs, they can be made in... read more →


It’s friday, and by gosh, we are going whole hog. eerr cow. That’s right, you and I need to have a candid conversation about steak and shake. NOW, I don’t want to hear one bad word about this place, don’t ruin the glory form me. I just want to tell you that in the time... read more →

Brian Vs. Edison

We have a new family member  we need to introduce you to. I know this is some big news, and that none of you were expecting it, but Brian and I weren’t planning on expanding our family yet either. And if the truth be told, Brian wasn’t too pleased about it.  I know, it sounds... read more →


Last week I got all excited about the prospect of summer.  The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and by golly, I was in a t-shirt. And the only thing better than summer in a t-shirt is sweatpants and red wine. Classic life combinations. Do you know what summer does to me? Well 2... read more →

Velveeta Shellz and Cancer.

Picture it, it’s the middle of the week and you had some grand plans for a nice sauteed fish and something green. You know, honoring that workout you gave Jillian Michaels that morning. That huss. You had grand plans, but all you can think about is mac and cheese, and I’m not even talking fancy... read more →

It’s never real.

You all know that I don’t have a wealth of family recipes I am swimming in. The women in my family were less likely to be found behind the stove and more likely found driving their kids all over creation, being working women and such.  You know, modern gals. Don’t ask me how I got... read more →

Mt. Waffle Doughcano.

I want to share something with you that is going to make you giggle, in an “Oh, Whit. You silly goose” sort of way. You’ve heard about the waffle iron, and how I intend to waffle the flip out of everything that comes into my kitchen.  I had this grand flipping idea about a waffle... read more →

Chicken and biscuits

I am sure by now you all have noticed the inner conflict I seem to have at dinner time. Well, the wedding is… a month away? I should have something green. Yes. I should be healthy. OH Martha but there’s pasta in there! Pasta usually wins, because let’s all be honest with each other here,... read more →

The Cindy Pour

It’s hump day.  It’s also pretty clear that days mean nothing to me now that I spend a vast majority of my life in my apartment. Can we haz a quick sidebar?  HOW, do stay at home mom’s know what day it is? I mean, seriously.  I would be taking my kids to softball on... read more →

Steaked Potato

You go ahead and tell me there aren’t nights where you don’t have the time or energy to worry about dinner.  You go ahead and tell me you’re never too busy to make dinner. Yea, right, sister.  Even I have a hard time working myself up to cook a big dinner if I’ve had a... read more →