Monthly Archives: April 2011

As Asian as it gets.

I thought for our last dinner party in Chicago I would really break the mold. Like, shock our friends.   I know you’re saying, “Whitney, you eat pasta like people ate stale bread during WWII, there is nothing new about you and pasta” EXCEPT, jerkface, that this ravioli is ASIAN. Yep. Asian.  Hold your laughter.  It... read more →

From a slumber.

I lie awake, I drive myself crazy, drive myself crazy, thinking of food. I know. You do too.  Sometimes it haunts me. There I’ll be, cat under my arm, Ohio State sweatshirt on, dreaming of Martha knows what and BAM. I’m wide awake.  I’m wondering what time it is, how long from now the store... read more →

Popcorn Pops

In the whirlwind that is our last 7 days here, I am doing a fine dance between making terrible pantry dishes and some amazing dinner party prep. Last night involved a can of cream of broccoli cheddar, brussel sprouts, chicken and cheddar cheese.  It was not pretty.  Don’t ever do that. It also involved a... read more →

Pantry Week

Welcome to Pantry Week. Yep, the last full week in our apartment in Chicago.  Time to brave those leftover meats in the freezer, and make something brilliant out of staples in the pantry.  Time to really think on our toes. Here are the rules, (aside from the dinner party we are having on friday) I... read more →

Take that, Manwich.

In continuation with Week Americuh, I went Manwich in this ess. Yes, yes I sure did.  I went remaking meat from a can on you. (no, no amount of American can get me to revisit SPAM) That same dad that had that ‘clean your plate‘ moment had a SPAM bunker just in case Y2K was... read more →

Week Americuh

I am renaming this week “Week Americuh” because everything I have made and consumed this entire week has been all american.  I am talking high school quarterback marries head cheerleader American.  That, is All American. Speaking of American. Mac and Cheese. Shells and Cheese. Sweet Lord, did I ever eat the h out of mac... read more →

Burning from both ends.

The butter of my life is melting.  I mean, things are really, starting to lose shape over here.  It’s almost time to start packing up our lives, finish small details for our wedding, find a cat sedative supplier, and move our tails (and a 400 pound headboard) across this vast nation. Not to mention keeping... read more →