Say Hello, to my little friend.

All American meals.  Sometimes, you just gotta haz em.  Well, with a twist of course.  Who wants plain old chicken? Plain old mashed potatoes? Plain old brussel sprouts.

Get on in there and look alive people!  All it takes is 1 ingredient to take something boring and make it extraordinary!

See this little friend. Right up in his chest cavity I crammed enough blood oranges to grow an orchard. That’s right. Blood Orange.

He’s waving. Don’t be rude. Say Hello.

And Mashed Potatoes.  Ok fine, I won’t hate on those.  However, if you make them often I am sure that you’re bored with them.  What about adding some parsnip to liven things up?

And sprouts. They are misunderstood.  I get that they smell a little…off. Sometimes, so do I.  Maybe that’s why I am always trying to give them a fair shake in life.

Give them some bacon and apples and the next thing you know you are at dinner at the White House.  (Trust me, it was weird.  The first time I did this I opened my eyes and there was George Bush sitting right across from me.  Talk about confused. )

And all it took, was one simple ingredient to turn these dishes from an All American Borfest 2011 to a Klassy Dinner Party for 4.

You’re welcome.  You owe me a drink.


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