Monthly Archives: March 2011

Get ahold of your sass.

Some days, you can’t get ahold of your sass.  Do you ever have those days where everything that comes out of your mouth is ultra sassy and you are apologetic at first, but then, sassy that you even need to apologize in the first place? Today is just one of those days.  And you know... read more →


Ye marry gentlecooks – GO BID ON BAKED GOODS FOR JAPAN!  That’s right, the auction is now live! We are auctioning off these: Bad Boys And don’t forget, I promised you a Haiku if you win our treats. So look forward to that rediculousness. Also, don’t be shy, bid on our other bloggers goods, they... read more →

Meat Ballzagna.

HEYO – the end of Amuse Bouche’s Wedding Amuse Bouches is HERE!  Can we say, EXCITE? I just need to take a hot second to THANK all of you that voted to help me decide the very best recipes for our wedding.  If the truth be told, the ones you picked were pretty spot on.... read more →

Make a Difference Monday

We are going to take a brief break out of our regularly syndicated mumbo jumbo to talk about a few things that really matter. I am declaring this Make a Difference Monday. See, I had a long weekend.  I was standing for the kids of Children’s Memorial Hospital who would just about give anything to... read more →

A beeg ole pot ah stew!

I’m not big on St. Patrick’s Day.  Maybe it’s because I’m not Irish, or Catholic for that matter, but I really hate days when EVERYONE and their brother decides to put on a green t-shirt, orange wig, and come out and barf on my sidewalk.  And then slur between barfs at me for not wearing... read more →