Monthly Archives: January 2011

High Five, Gypsy.

It’s Wednesday. You’re tired. I know it. You’re feeling lazy and you want to order take out, but you know that chicken and waffles is only going to end up laughing at you tomorrow when you go to put on your dress pants. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Damn you,... read more →

You Must Be Banana Nuts.

There are times. Everyone has ’em.  There are times when you want something sweet so bad you’d lick nutella from the jar. (Hey, I am not judging you, I’m just saying, we’ve all been there…) And all you have in your house is a white chocolate bar and a banana.  That white chocolate bar is... read more →

Black and Blue

What happens when one pizza punches another? Alright. I know. It was beyond lame.  It’s just, how do I segue into the fact that I made a black and blue pizza? It’s not uncommon at all for me to eat pizza, after all, it is the tag line in my blog. So,without the jokes, and... read more →

Confessions of a CCL

You see, Dad’s gone all week on business.  That means I am making dinner for one. Yes, it’s lonely.  Yes, I did purchase the book “The Pleasure of Cooking for One” in hopes of being inspired at my new found lonely dinner hour. No, it did not work, and yes, I have taken to the... read more →

What’s Your Cueva?

Cueva Del Pescador.  There never were sweeter words.  I know everyone has their ‘cueva’.  That place you go back to time and time again because the food was wonderful and the memories were even better. Well in our case, we have never had a better beer than at Hook ’em and Cook ’em.  Or better... read more →

Becoming Aware

If I have learned anything in this last month – with my body failing me, having to pay greater attention to my movements, feeling sluggish and and frustrated – it’s that when you’re body is asking for something, you should listen. It’s simple, really.  After my unexpected surgery, I have wanted NOTHING more than to... read more →